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But national good intentions are not always enough. The policing of conservation areas by local government works when officials stick to the rules. The Paddington cube offends every principle of a conservation area. It demolishes old buildings. It pays no respect to the districts character, brutalising it with one overpowering structure. Westminsters own published plan for the area stipulates that tall buildings could not be accommodated without detriment to the townscape. As for flexible uses, the collapse of the luxury property market means that the cube is entirely for commercial use. Connoisseurs of municipal history should read the transcript of Westminsters planning committee meeting in December. Councillors seem to grovel to Sellars plan. The chairman, Robert Davis, in his declaration of interest , records frequent entertainment by local property lobbies.

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Roe 8 protesters Lets not forget how the privatisation of Telstra has consigned us to 20 years of woefully inadequate broadband service. The Perth Freight Link was first proposed in 2014 without any rigour or detail. It was announced without due planning or cost-benefit analysis or electoral mandate. When it emerged out of nowhere in Tony Abbotts disastrous 2014 budget it hadnt even been canvassed with the WA government. The hasty analysis done after the announcement didnt take account of the clear alternative, namely the development of container handling capacity in the Outer Harbour. This approach has been a matter of bipartisan planning agreement for nearly 20 years. Im surprised how little recognition is given to the fact that this project was a high priority for the incoming Barnett government in 2008. It stalled and then crashed as a result of the legal dispute between the WA government and Len Buckeridge of BGC, the details of which remain secret. As it stands, the Perth Freight Link doesnt even reach the port, but ends at the traffic lights on Canning Highway.